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Handcrafted. Small batch. So good!

We sources high-quality local artisanal ingredients; employ time-honored baking techniques; and use natural fermentation processes to create a wide selection of bread, savory treats and sweet pastries. And we have been doing that for 3 generations! Get inspired by our wide array of cakes, desserts, breads, pizza and treats!

We are located in the heart of Tagliata di Cervia - Via Sicilia,8
Summer shop - Via Sicilia 68

Mon - Sat between 7:30 and 1:00 pm 


Want more information or directions? Our English speaking Team will provide personalized service. 

Need Directions?


Two locations

Forno Zamagni has two locations both in Via Sicilia - Tagliata di Cervia. The main shop is in Via Sicilia 8 on the way to the beach while the bakery and annex shop is closer to the railroad. Tap on Contatti to see a map or click below if you want personalized directions.

Want Recommandations?

Rolling the Dough

Sweet or Savori? Sweet and Savory!

So much to chose from! Do you want to know what our treats are made of? Have allergies or health concerns? Want to book a cake for a special occasion? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Birthday? Anniversary?


Customized Cakes

Their smile is priceless and they deserve a cake handmade just for them! Nonna Morena will craft a delicious masterpiece made with local artisan ingredients to celebrate their birthday or your anniversary. Just contact us!

English: Specialty Items
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